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Cultural Literacy

             The Conflict between Cultural Literacy.
             The different aspects that Hirsch states and implies are absolutely true. There needs to be an achievement of a higher level of national literacy and the only way to do that is to make some very specific educational changes. Hirsch states that, " anyone who is concerned about American education will be persuaded by the book's argument and act upon it."(Hirsch 1) It was persuaded and it is being acted upon it in absolute accession. .
             Only two thirds of United States" citizens are literate and even the average level is too low. That is just atrocious considering that other countries have a universally high level of literacy. That is not honorable for the strongest country in the world. Hirsch writes, "Ultimately our aim should be to attain universal literacy at a very high level, to achieve not only greater economic prosperity but also greater social justice and more effective democracy." Of course, who doesn't want to have universal literacy at a high level? Mostly everyone wants that, but many do not proceed in the right step or do not have the will to still do it. For the select few who reach that high level of literacy will want to achieve greater economic prosperity when they should want a greater social justice and a more effective democracy. You cannot have a skill in literacy like someone may have a skill in chess playing, it is far more than a skill where it requires large amounts of specific information. "The achievement of high universal literacy is the key to all other fundamental improvements in America."(Hirsch 2).
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             Literacy is important in the world due to it's need to fill out forms or get a good job, however, they are so conspicuous that it isn't oughted to be discussed. "The complex undertakings of modern life depend on the cooperation of many people with different specialties in different places. "Where the communication fails, so do the undertakings.

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