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Waiting for Godot

            Is life really meaningless as posed by Beckett? Are we really just waiting around for some mystic "God" who will be a disappointment if he actually shows up? Yes, I agree with Beckett, life in the twenty-first century remains meaningless and we still wait pointlessly for the "Almighty God.".
             We work hard our whole lives and for what? Material Possessions? Our whole society has the mentality that we should work harder and harder, so we can make more money, so we can afford to buy more stuff. The more stuff we have the happier we will be, right? Wrong, look at all the wealthy actors and actresses that end up depressed, on drugs, or with other emotional problems. They have all the money in the world and they still aren't happy. It is unbelievable, but we teach are kids the desire for material wealth when they are young, they always have to have the newest Nintendo, the newest pair of Air Jordans, or the newest thing that all the other kids have. Their desire for material goods simply balloons and as these kids age they always want more, more, more. By the time they have reached adulthood, they have already fallen into society's money trap. All you have to do is look at the sheer numbers of workaholics in the United States, they all work longer so they can get more money, so they can buy more stuff, which is supposed to make them happy. In the end though, no amount of money could ever satisfy us, we can never reach a point where we will be truly happy with what we have.
             A huge portion of society is religious. They are all waiting around for God, but what proof is there that he actually exists. Some people say the Bible is written proof that he exists, but there is no proof that the Bible isn't fiction. If someone told you that all the imaginary lands in Gulliver's Travels were true, you wouldn't believe them, so what makes you believe in the unbelievable events in the Bible? Furthermore, even if the Bible is non-fiction it has been translated hundreds of different times and there is no saying what may have been lost in the translations over the years.

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