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arriving to a new country

             There are a lot of surprising and sometimes difficult things that impresses when you arrived in a country you have never been before. The situations such as meeting the people, without knowing the language they speak, or filling out the application for the college, were unforgettable and new experience in Linbo Huang's life in the "New World," simply called America.
             The most amazing thing that shocked Linbo, right from the airport, were politeness, friendliness and, unusual for Chinese, big "cheese" smile and "Hi, how are you doing today?" from every single person that he met with. It really had made him feel as in the little town where everybody familiar with each other. It took couple of days for Linbo to become used to the American greetings, which he never experienced before.
             There are always some difficulties and dilemmas that faces a person during the first days or weeks since arriving, and Linbo Huang was not an exception. The lock of English made him to go to college, were his next, but not last new experience has began. He was nervous and confused at first: taking assessment test (on the computer); meeting the counselor, without any idea of who might that be; making its own schedule of classes and etc. Everything seemed different and difficult than it was back there, in China. But as I mentioned in the second paragraph, from Linbo's own experience, people in America, in this situation it was staff of the SCC, are very friendly and very welcoming people that was on time really helpful.
             Arriving to a new country might seem problematic and difficult on the one hand, but on the other, I think, that life isn't a real life, and it's getting really boring when you don't experience something new every single day.

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