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Church in New France

            In contemporary society, the church is seen as an institution where people go to worship God, to get married or for other purely religious activities. In New France, all social, religious and spiritual lives were shaped after the church. It influenced all parts of life, including social, economical, religious and demographics. Most historians have concluded that the church was the most influential force in this French colony. Historians such as Faillon, Rochemonteix, Casgrain and Francis Parkman have accorded that the role of the church was dominant in all colonial affairs.1 The church was the center of all activities in New France. It had an important influence on the people there, and played a major role in shaping French-Canadian way of living. Some recent historians do not agree with these interpretations and have developed their own theories about the role of the church in New France. These theories include the role of the Church as being Over the years, the church has played these various roles, and has influenced New France in many ways. Below is a brief overview of a few of its roles, which are considered significant by historians. .
             Around the world and throughout history, religion has been seen as the basis of a civilized society. Therefore, in New France the governing body was under a religious influence, in other words, the Catholic influence. "The role of the church was to develop a civic and social conscience as well as the spiritual life of the colonists- (Jaenen 4). In France and the French colonies, the Roman Catholic Church was the national church. The King was the most influential power that had control over the church and was also responsible for the appointment of Bishops. The King's officials were in charge of the establishment and maintenance of all religious institutions. These special officials to the King supervised all the educational, correctional and charitable operations run by the church.

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