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            Peru is a country in South America located on the West Coast. Peru is the third largest country in South America behind Brazil and Argentina. Peru is a very diverse country with a very diverse population. This diversity is a result of Peru's geographical features, separation of classes, and it's ever changing economy an government. .
             Peru is divided up into three categories, the coastal plains, the Montana, which is the eastern foothills and plains, and the Sierra, which is the Andes mountain range. Some portions of these areas are desert, jungle, and mountain ranges. These many features separate the people in Peru and cause this diversity. The wealthier Spanish and Mestizos, or Spanish and Indian mix, mainly inhabit the coastal plains while the Montana and the foothills are home to the Indians. Although they live in different places, Peruvians share the same ancestry.
             The people of Peru are mainly ancestors of the ancient Indians who once ruled there or they descend from the Spanish who colonized there. Peru is divided into two societies, one modern and prosperous, and the other outdated and poor. The ancestors of the Spanish being the modern and prosperous and the ancestors of the Indians being the outdated and poor. Most citizens, about 76%, live in urban areas. The other 44% live in the cities. Aspects of life are also very similar between the different classes.
             Family is a very important part of Peruvian life. For the poor, family serves as central part of their social life and its also central to their economic activity. For the wealthier people, family links reinforce political power and wealth. Another important part of Peruvian life is religion.
             The majority of people in Peru are Roman Catholics. The religion was brought by the Spanish explorers and forced on Peru's ancient inhabitants. The people of Peru now have the right to freedom of religion. .
             Peru's economy is slowly growing from one that was once controlled primarily by the wealthy class to one that the everyday worker shares in.

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