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            For my Spanish report I chose to write about the country of Peru.
             country's president is Alberto Fujimori. Fujimori, a Roman Catholic, was elected as president in .
             1990, and re-elected for another 5-year term in 1995. The name of the currency used by Fujimori .
             and his country is nuevo sol, meaning new son. The current exchange rate for November 17th, .
             2000 is 3.52 nuevo sol per U.S. dollar. (www.xe.net/ucc/convert.cgi).
             The official language of Peru is Spanish, as it is for most South American Countries. .
             Although the Andean Indians who inhabit Peru are bilingual. These Andeans also speak the .
             language of Quecha. Quechua is the second language of the Andeans and is mainly spoken in and .
             around the country of Cusco.
             There are five Patron Saints from Peru. These Saints are Francis Solano, Joseph, Martin .
             de Porres, Rose of Lima, and Turibius of Mogroveio. In Peru they are mostly Roman Catholics. .
             The only other religion in Peru is protestant. Ninety percent of Peru is Roman Catholics and the .
             other ten percent are protestant. .
             The Andes are divided into several cordilleras, or mountain ranges. The most important .
             range is the Cordillera Occidental which is also divided into other chains with towering mountains .
             like the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Huayhaush and the Cordillera Raura. The other main .
             mountain chains are the Cordillera Oriental and Central. The Andes cover about thirty percent of .
             Peru. Some of the world's highest mountains can be found here. .
             The countries that border Peru are Chile to the south, Bolivia and Brazil to the east, .
             Ecuador and Columbia to the north. To the South Peru is bordered by the pacific ocean. Peru is .
             located on the continent of South America. .
             The major economic partner of Peru is the United States of America. " Peru's disastrous .
             economy of recent years (with inflation at over 10,000% per year) has been brought under control .
             by the current Fujimori administration and inflation has dropped to under 20%.

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