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Public Transport

             We were on our own to find our way around Melbourne. What a thrill at Flinders St Station us on our own. "WOW". We made our way to the deserted Platform 13, we were about half an hour early, which was very lucky because we realised after 15 minutes that we were on the wrong platform. We asked the train information centre people and they told us we were on the right platform but then we asked the people running the newsagency, and we were told it was platform 2 that we were supposed to be on. .
             By this time my stomach was turning circles and it was 12:19 by this stage of our running around Flinders St. Our train left at 12:20 with us on it. We then got the UBD out of our bag and followed where the train was, this was because we needed to switch trains at Camberwell Train Station and catch the train which would take us to Burwood. .
             We had a new train which made for a smooth ride. As we got off the train we had to find which side of the station we were on. .
             It turned out we were on the wrong side of the track. Soon enough we sorted out how we could get to the other side, it was a bit harder than I thought because the UBD was confusing us as it was not detailed enough. The UBD was also annoying and puzzling as we needed to switch pages to find the tram and train details.
             We made our way to the P.O. and the man who stamped our booklets was very nice. When we had our first book stamped we felt as if we had achieved our first goal, and "WE DIDN"T GET LOST". We caught the tram next back to Richmond P.O. and followed it back to Richmond. We felt as if we could do anything now in the city, we didn't get lost and we did what we had to. WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!!.
             The tram was crowded and Daniel had to stand up and we laughed because he had said we would have to stand while he got a seat but he didn't get a seat. .
             I felt very much accomplished as I had never been to an outer suburb on train and the back to the city on a tram.

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