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the killing of history

            Along the years a problem has come into our society, a crisis has invaded the whole world. It is not hard to recognize this problem but Keith Windschuttle does an excellent job in clarifying it in our minds.
             The problem he identified was how the telling of history was becoming disturbed by the subjective approaches of many literary writers and sociologists.
             No longer does history give objective information on the essential events of life but instead it provides any person with the opportunity to share his/her ideals and perspectives leaving the truth within a limited view.
             These so called historians lack empirical thought and use language in order to construct obscure theories and confuse their audience.
             This kills the integrity of history and submits everything to simple relativism and individual analysis.
             But there are many ways of looking at this issue, Windchutttle clearly states his opinion along with many other writers and thinkers but evidently he is not supported by every other writer or historian.
             Many others think that this is a process of development in writing that provides a wider perspective for the reader for it is considered impossible for a writer's personal opinion not to be present in his writings.
             But that is definitely not the problem; it is not that writers include their opinion in their writings; it is that they include it as if it was the core reality of history.
             They do not confirm that it is indeed their view but convince the reader that it is the only view.
             With a very promising sense of determinism and subjective ideals they manipulate history and cage into a sad disruption of truth.
             It almost seems that objectiveness does no longer exist, absolute truth is nothing more but a consolation for those confused and suddenly everything is questionable and told in thousand of different ways that turn our view of reality into a cloudy image of illusions.
             Personally I believe that Windschuttle is right in most of his thoughts, I think people have finally realized the power of manipulating words and books, it is with these instruments that humans are given life and they can be used in positive and negative ways.

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