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Justice and Revenge in Killings by Andre Dubus

            The loss of a child is something a parent should never have to experience. It's a tragedy as traumatic and painful as anything a mother or father could endure. Parents are supposed to be able to protect their children from harm, illness, and death. There are many things in life that seem to be unfair, and sometimes out of our control, especially once children are grown and make decisions for themselves. As time goes by, humans seem to lose touch with reality. When they are angered, they often act out in rage; when they are hurt, they still often act out in rage. It seems murder and crime take over when they do not know what to do with the feelings they have inside. In Andre Dubus, "Killings"," a man is faced with seeing his son's murderer all through the town his wife and him reside in. He is tormented by the memories of his son, and the face of his killer. Dubus plays out the emotions of a father who loses his son and how he survives through during this critical time of his life. .
             The struggle between grief and anger is obvious in the short story, "Killings." Murder is the ultimate revenge. The main character, Matt Fowler, and his family attend the funeral of his youngest son, Frank. Frank was murdered which readers learn later in the story. Frank was in love with a woman by the name of Mary Ann Strout, who was in midst of a divorce. Her husband Richard Strout, appears to be a spoiled, selfish man of violence. Which out of jealousy commits the crime of Frank's murder, leaving Matt to deal with the feelings of grief and mourning and the thought of committing murder.
             All of this builds up to the emotion set in the story, it leaves the reader feeling angry towards Richard Strout, and sympathy for Matt Fowler. Although, Richard may have also had reasoning behind his murder. He was either still in love with Mary Ann, or he did not want anyone else to have her. He could not handle the feelings of jealousy and loss, as he was losing his wife and his two sons to another man.

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