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Revenge in Killings by Andre Dubus

            The story by Andre Dubus titled Killings focuses on the themes of love and revenge. The author writes a story about killings committed by two characters, who are Richard Strout and Matt Fowler, in the story. Apart from highlighting the story of these "Killings", the author has further examined the consequences of the same. Most importantly, these two characters were driven by different motivations to committing the crimes. One of the charcter's, Richard Strout kills because of jealousy, whereas the other, Matt Fowler kills because of the love he had for his son, and a perceived delay in justice (Dubus). Overall, there is no justification for killing.
             Parents love their children. Andre Dubus portrays Matt Fowler as loving to his children and his wife. He was a good husband to his wife. To his children, Andre states that he was a protective father. Matt Fowler was concerned about his children, and constantly worried, mainly when his children were out swimming, skating or climbing the Oak tree. Apart from this, Matt Fowler was also a good friend to Willis. Unfortunately, Richard Strout killed Frank Fowler. Apparently, Frank was involved, romantically with Richard Strout's wife and two sons, which made Richard, kill him (Dubus).
             After the murder, Richard was apprehended, but he managed to pay bail and get out of prison. Matt and his wife Ruth regularly stumbled upon Richard on the streets, an aspect that made them angry, and perceive delayed justice for the murder of their son. Because of this, Matt felt that he had a role to play in achieving justice for his son. Since the killing of his son, the two, Matt and Ruth became devastated, but the effect was more on Matt. Thus, Andre Dubus wrote, "And beneath his listless wandering every day in his soul he shot Richard Strout in the face." In this regard, Matt's anger made him think of revenging. Apart from Matt, his children also wanted revenge, which is evident on the thoughts of Frank's brother who bitterly claims, "I should kill him" (Dubus).

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