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Andre Dubus

            Andre Dubus's "Killings" is a story about love and murder. Richard Strout took the life of an innocent man. He was then murdered in return. Two men committed murder in this story, but only one was a killer. This is why the title "Killings" better suits the story, rather than "Killers".
             Matt Fowler is not a killer. Matt is fifty-four year old, happily married man. He had three children, until his youngest son Frank was murdered by a man named Richard Strout. Matt owns his own business, which is a women's clothing store. He does well for himself both at work and at home. Matt has a good relationship with his wife, Ruth and loves her dearly. Matt had a very strong relationship with his children, especially Frank. He was a very loving and caring father. "He had always been a fearful father: when his children were young, at the start of the summer he thought of them drowning in a pond or the sea, and he was relieved when he would come home in the evenings and they were there"(26; all page references are to class text, The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature, 5th ed.). It may seem that every parent is like this, but to have this quality really shows what kind of person you are. Matt has a very strong heart and is a very caring person. Matt just doesn't have the qualities of a killer. .
             When Frank died, this deeply wounded his family. It could be because Frank was the only one still living in the house. Matt's two other children lived far away. His relationships with his other two children were really not talked about in the story. If Matt's relationship with his other children was anything like Frank and his, then it was very strong. Matt and Frank had a very close relationship. It could be because he knew that Frank would be moving out soon to. Maybe he wanted to build a special bond with him because he felt like he had lost his other two children. Whatever it was the relationship was strong. It really showed what kind of a person Matt was.

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