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Romeo an julilet

            Isn't it ironic that Romeo mistakenly receives and a document that he mistakenly does not receive are both crucial in his fate? One causes him to meet his true love the other to loose her.
             Romeo first gets invited to a party he has absolutely no business in attending. Mercutio actually meets one of the Capulet's servants, who by the way is illiterate, and Mercutio makes it seem like Romeo and the rest of the Montages are invited. At first Romeo is a little hesitant about going because he is in love with Roselyn and she is going to be there. Little does he know that he will meet the woman that he is going to marry in a few days by the end of the night, and it is not Roselyn. .
             One of the most dramatic points in Romeo and Juliet would have to be the treating letter that Tybalt sends to Romeo after seeing him at his Uncles party. Why is this so dramatic? Well, Romeo has to fight Tybalt, and he is related to Juliet and not only that but he is her favorite cousin. What Tybalt doesn't know is that him and Romeo are related, but no one knows it. It gets even worse when Tybalt and Mercutio start to fight. When Romeo tries to split them up and stop the fight Mercutio gets wounded and later dies. But Mercutio is not the only one who dies that night. Not too long after Mercutio dies Romeo and Tybalt get into a fight and Tybalt is killed as well. This would not have been that bad, but Romeo is banished forever and if he ever came back to Verona he would be killed. .
             What Julie does not know is that her husband killed her beloved cousin. To make matters worse, she is supposed to marry Paris, even thought she is already secretly married to Romeo. So she plans with Friar Laurence to get a secret potion that will make Juliet appear dead, but she really isn't. Then Romeo is supposed to come and wait for her to awake so that they can live happily ever after, but "the plan" doesn't really go though that way.

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