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             The main character in William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet is Romeo. Romeo is a member of the Montague family, his father is old Montague. Romeo has four main qualities in him. Melancholic, impulsive, witty, and loving.
             The melancholic Romeo is showed twice in the play; the fist time is when his love for a women named Rosaline is not returned. He mopes about the city talking of his broken heart using words like "she has forsworn to love, and in that vow do I live dead that I live to tell it now." The second time is when he has just slain Tybalt from the Capulet family; after killing Tybalt he realizes what he has done and what the punishment for his crime is. " O I am fortunes fool" shows his regret in his action.
             Romeo's impulsiveness" comes out in the decisions he makes. For example the quick way he marries Juliet and how he kills Tybalt. In both cases he made instant decisions with out considering what his action would do 2 himself and the people around him. Romeo forces these decisions on other like Friar Lawrence who is pressured by Romeo to marry them.
             Romeo can also show his sharp tongue when he takes Mercutio on in a battle of wits. " now art thou sociable , now art thou Romeo".
             The main quality of Romeo's that shows through is his love for Juliet Capulet. Romeo is willing to do anything for her, he secures her love by talking romantically and expressing his love for her. The feuding families threaten to pull there love apart but the survive, sort of.
             In conclusion I have discussed the four characteristics of Romeo, Melancholy, impulsive, witty, and love. Romeo's dominate trait is his never dying love for Juliet.

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