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The Jungle

             After reading further into "The Jungle," and completing some research, I have come .
             to make some brief points of how accurate the book is. The facts I came to find were very similar .
             to what I found in my research of the conditions workers faces during this period. Upton Sinclair .
             presented himself in various unique ways to present the kinds of conditions immigrants faced, and .
             the deep corruption behind it all. Whether it be working conditions, living conditions, Economic .
             conditions, political conditions or owners and the employees, Sinclair was very accurate in .
             presenting himself. .
             These early factories which enabled mass productions of wealth and power were at many .
             times very dangerous places for workers. Workers faced gruesome long hours daily. The average .
             work day was 12 to 15 hours per day, and the work week was six, and sometimes even seven .
             days a week. These hours were in fact also spent in conditions that were extremely dangerous and .
             hazardous. Worker injuries were very common in almost any line of job. At this time there was .
             no workers compensation or anything of that sort. Being injured or harmed meant being out of .
             work with no pay, and most likely even being replaced by another person. Sinclair has many .
             examples of this in the "The Jungle." He stated the dangers of the factories, the long stressing .
             hours, and the extremely dangerous conditions workers faced. These accounts were very accurate.
             to that found in Sinclair's book. The regulation factories had, in which they were highly structured .
             and highly restricted can also be found in both my research and the book. Even the simplest .
             mistakes could get someone fired, being replaced was very likely, and demand and order was .
             always upto scale. Being on time and on cue at all times was a must, if those above you saw a sign.
             of weakness or meakness in a worker, they would be fired. And the workers reward for all this .

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