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Black robe

             The point that stood out most to me was how much faith the Indians put into their dreams.
             The one Indians had a bad dream about the Black Robe. After talking to the council they decided the Black Robe was a demon and must be killed. The Indians believed their dreams fore told the future and whatever their message was must be followed. .
             Also the little midget was humorous to me. The Indians believed he was some kind of prophet. He wasn't a man but some kind of spirit from the earth. This is very strange. Just because he was a midget they believed he had special powers. Just like they believed that because the priest looked different he was some kind of evil power.
             A fact that caught my attention in the reading was how fast the Spanish killed off the Arawaks. In 1515 there was 50,000, and in 1550 there was only 500 and by 1610 there were none of the original Arawaks or their descendants left on the island. This must have been a horrible time to be alive. These people had worked so hard and they died by the thousands.
             The fact that the Arawaks started mass suicides, using cassava poison, and killing infants to save them from the Spaniards, really disturbs me. How could one group of people treat another group so horribly? It totally confuses me to think that a person could be treated so bad that they would believe it better to kill their infants than let them live in this environment. I just can't image a world where death would be better than any sort of life. .

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