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Black Robe

             "Black Robe", a story written by novelist Brian Moore, is a film some say is a "story that preludes to nothing", however, I believe that the film did an excellent job of portraying colonialism, racism, and ethnocentrism. Throughout the whole film, constant reminders of the Europeans efforts to persuade everyone to follow their own beliefs and views of religion were being laid out as the Jesuit priests tried to convince a virgin territory of this "new" way of life. "Black Robe" is a story of a Jesuit priest, Father Laforgue, otherwise known as "Blackrobe", and his efforts to reach a Huron settlement with the aid of the Algonquins. Along the way many hardships arise as he is attacked, imprisoned, and left alone on his quest. Throughout his journey many points are brought up about ethnocentrism and colonialism that leave the viewer pondering his own self on what he had formerly thought was just a part of history read about in history books. His journey was a torturous experience but was the most real depiction of Indian life that I have come across; much more so than "Dances with Wolves", which portrays life as a much easier, happier attitude.
             Indians had formerly lived a secluded life from the Europeans. A life that they had grown very accustomed in which they relied on cooperation and trust of each other as a weapon against climate and enemies. Along with the way of life, there was also the aspect of religion. They had already created their own belief system. There were not too many Indians at that time that a great use for Jesus and Christianity. One scene that portrayed this was of an Indian that wore a cross around his neck which allowed him to get along better with other Europeans rather than his "faith in God." Now there was a conflict. The French coming from Europe were unswaying in their rightness and were willing to travel all the way to America to be possibly killed for their beliefs creating their martyrdom.

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