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             When most people hear about Iraq right now, they think of one person: Saddam Hussein. Also, when the country of Iraq is mentioned people tend to think of hatred towards the United States and possible hidden weapons of mass destruction. When you take a closer look at Iraq, you can see how undeveloped and far behind this country really is. Ever since Saddam took charge, the country has been in a tailspin, and is very close to complete bankruptcy, and is one of the worst living environments in the world for an ordinary citizen. The way the economy is going is one of the most important factors of the quality of life in a country. With the second largest oil reserves in the world, it is almost impossible to believe that Iraq could be in such bad shape. Iraq is an undeveloped country, and the only way to save it would be to get rid of the culprit; Saddam Hussein.
             The main problem in Iraq is their economy. One of the major factors in coming up with the Human Development Index is the country's GDP, or gross development product. In a country with a strong economy like the United States, the GDP per capita in 1995 was around $26,000. In Iraq, according to the same United Nations fact sheet, the GDP per capita in Iraq in 1995 was around $3,000. That already low figure has recently dropped to $750. This means that the average person takes in $750 per year. One of the main reasons that cause a low GDP in Iraq is the fact that they export little to no food. This is because their agricultural system is a disaster. I will discuss that later in the paper. Another reason the GDP is low is because of the United Nations sanctions on the trading of oil that were put into action before the Gulf War to try and stop Iraq from invading Kuwait. Over a million people have died in Iraq since 1990 as a direct result of sanctions. This information is from New Internationalist Journal, Issue 316. Even though Iraq has so much oil, which is also know as "black gold" they can only trade it to whomever the United Nations lets them trade it to.

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