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            hat makes us humans? What separates us from animals? It is our ability to learn that sets us apart from every other living species in the universe. However, by burning books new ideas are limited and the average person is prevented from becoming educated. This takes away from the very humanity of the humans making up the society that exists in both Fahrenheit 451 and the society today. Ray Bradburry was not writing about a Utopian Society. Bradburry was merely using symbolism to represent the society existing today, which is clearly the exact opposite of Utopianism (Dystopianism). .
             Fahrenheit 451's platform is based on ignorance. The ignorance of people towards learning, the ignorance of people towards life, the ignorance of people towards diversity, the ignorance of people towards change, and the ignorance of people towards time, are all major reasons why the society presented in Fahrenheit 451 and the society that exists in America today are much alike. .
             The America that exists today has organized laws to ensure that everyone is equal no matter race, job, and status. The upholders of the law with go to drastic measures to ensure this is upheld, thus putting themselves in a position to be better than the people they are prosecuting. "We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal as the constitution says, but everyone made equal .A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon. Breach man's mind." Officer Beatty was trying to explain the danger of books to Montag. .
             The issue that exists in Montag's society is a form of censorship (to an extreme). Censorship exists in the society today but in different degrees. It hasn't quite gotten to the extreme that exists in the novel, but in time it may elevate that far. Some items in today's society are only edited to please the general public, while certain books have been completely removed from schools, libraries, and even homes.

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