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             Late one night with slow and daunting footsteps, Grendel wandered up to Herot with the thought of a midnight snack. He found the warriors sprawled in a sleeping slumber, all down for the count from the delicious mead. All of them were suspecting nothing in their slumber, their dreams undisturbed. The next thing you know, the ravenous beast snatched up thirty drunken men for his late night snack. I know you what you"re thinking, OH what a terrible creature. I bet Grendel didn't think he was so terrible. In fact, Grendel himself didn't think he was that bad, just a little misunderstood. Grendel is portrayed as a horrifying creature in the epic poem of "Beowulf", translated by Burton Raffel. Where as, in the movel Grendel, written by John Gardner, Grendel is portrayed as a witty monster with a sick sense of humor. This is just one of the many contrast between the two great literary works. There are also the contrasts between religion and heroism. "Beowulf", which was written down by monks, contains many religious passages. Whereas Grendel isn't told from a religious point of view, but has religious points. Grendel also, laughs at characters in his tale for wanting the everlasting fame. In "Beowulf, heroism and fame are two of the most important thing to the people all through the poem. Even with all the contrasts between the two literary works, there are still similarities. Such as giving the king the proper praise and heroism.
             In the poem of "Beowulf" religion is present from beginning to end. Scriptural .
             passages such as: "To those who will rise to God, drop off their dead bodies, and seek our Father's Peace." In the time of Beowulf, the people believed in many gods, but the Christian scriptural was added by the monks, who recoded the story. In Grendel, religion is present, but it is spoken by the characters in the story. "Beowulf" almost preaches to you to join Christianity.

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