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            "[Beowulf,] the Anglo-Saxon epic is the most important work of Old English literature" (Brittany). As people from Denmark and Sweden invaded England they brought several of their stories and legends to England. Beowulf is the oldest English epic that was neither written in England nor written about England. The epic was originally passed from person to person through the oral tradition, and sang by bards and scops. These bards and scops used a strong beat and alliteration to help them remember the songs easier. It is believed that the actual story of Beowulf took place two hundred years before it was permanently copied on to paper, and the author us unknown. The story was originally pagan, however, then it was written by a Christian monk, trying to convert Paganism to Christianity. There is only a general idea of when the poem was written, however, there are several historical factors have help to establish the general period of time during which the poem was probably written. The date that Beowulf was written in ranges from the eighteenth century to which the epic was originally composed, to the end of the tenth century, a period during which the manuscript that is posses today was copied down. It is believed that the original manuscript was in a monastery until Henry VIII decided to dissolve all but a few of the monistic orders. This story was saved it is "a story of dreams and legends, of a community threatened by evil of supernatural monsters, supernatural weapons and supernatural heroes" (Pera). "[The] Beowulf poet manages to include a great deal of radiation in his poetic style, especially through the use of thesis and antithesis; he also makes good use of balance and parallelism" (Strong Skilled11). In the story characters are defined through their status, in addition, .
             an element of honor is recognized in the Anglo-Saxon culture. "[In the story] Beowulf performs great deeds of valor and things happen to him, but we see no psychological change - other than normal, chronological development from youth to adult" (Strong Skilled 37).

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