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            The three battles had a lot in common, but with the third Beowulf began to change his way of thinking. Beowulf began to care more about worldly possessions, than just helping the people of his town. The three battles showed a distinct "good vs. evil" conflict that is the basis of the entire story.
             In the first battle, Beowulf has set up some of his men as bait in Herot. Because they know that Grendel will come as night, they are prepared for him when he arrives. When Grendel came into the hall, he laughed at all the men that were there unprotected. He thought that he feasts would be easy that night. Beowulf's plan was to let him eat one man to make him think it would be easy. After Grendel ate the first man, he was going to grab Beowulf and as soon as Grendel grabbed him, Beowulf bent his claws back and began fighting Grendel. Beowulf grabbed Grendel's hands so tightly that all the bones in them broke. Beowulf's men tried to stab him with their swords and could not pierce his devilish skin. Finally, Beowulf twisted and torn Grendel's arm off and the battle was over. .
             In the second battle, Beowulf seeked Grendel's lair. As opposed to the first battle, Beowulf left his territory and entered that of the monsters. He fought Grendel's mother in a totally unfamiliar area. As the battle went on, his mailshirt aided him in immense ways. Grendel's mother could not pierce the mailshirt with her weapon. Both battles were fought inside, one under Beowulf's "roof" and the other under Grendel and his mothers. Beowulf realized that his sword made by a human could not hurt the monster. During his struggle, he noticed a sword on the wall that was made by giants. He took hold of the sword as swung it with mighty power at the monsters" head, and finally the monster breathed its last and fell to the floor. Beowulf noticed Grendel dead in the corner and went to finish him off. He raised the sword and with an almighty blow, he cut Grendel's head off.

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