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             The one place that is important to me is sitting on the pier at my grandparents house. Getting up in the morning and walking to the lake, I can smell the fresh dew on the grass. As I walk closer to the lake, the smell of the lake begins to grow stronger from the algae. When I look to my left, I see a dock that belongs to the neighbors, and I also see their kids playing in the cool water. When I look out to front of the pier, I see bulrushes along with an island a little bit further out from the bulrushes. In front of the island, there is a loon sitting there making beautiful music that spreads over the entire lake. As I look closer at the island, I can see a bald eagle perched on top of a pine tree just waiting to makes its move down towards the lake for a fish. To the right of me, I see the boat landing where there is always action. Somebody is either putting in a boat, paddleboat, or a canoe. Looking to the far right, I see the pocket of the lake that is surrounded by trees and weeds. By these weeds is another dock that is owned by a family. As I look behind me, I see my grandparents huge house that my grandfather built with the help of the family. Everywhere I look around this place there is always a great, fond memory. .

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