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Violence in War

             In history, different leaders have had different viewpoints on whether violence should be used in acts of war or revolution. Some leaders have felt that violent acts can be justified while others strongly disagree. Depending on their viewpoints, history was molded and changed. .
             Violence only causes more violence, and hatred only leads to more hate. One man that felt that violence was not appropriate was Mohandus Gandhi. Gandhi does not feel that violence can be justified whether it is done for religious purposes or for personal satisfaction (Document 1). The dead people do not see a difference. Gandhi was a strong believer of non-violence. He led a non-violent protest against the British and ever though the British beat him and his people they did not fight them back. .
             Another leader that felt that violence cannot help a situation was Sun Tzu. He believed that it was bad to start a war out of anger (Document 4). He felt that armies should only strike when it is beneficial for the people, not when it is done from emotion like anger and hate. He states that while anger can turn into joy and wrath can turn into joy, a destroyed nation cannot change back nor can dead people come back to life. .
             A major decision that was based on hatred was President Truman's decision to drop an atomic bomb on Japan in 1945. Many Americans felt that it should not have happened. Truman felt that by dropping the bomb, people would see the USA as a power house and that it would end the war. (Document 2). Yet, many people felt that it would kill innocent people and cause massive destruction, which it did. It also released radio active material. Heat rays reaching up to 4000 degrees Celsius burned through the skin and into the tissue below, damaging internal organs. Nearly every building in the cities collapsed due to a shock-wave traveling faster than sound, followed by winds, which reached up to 1000 miles per hour.

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