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Sexism and Language

             I don't know what to say about Allen Pace Nilsen's Sexism and Language. I Feel that she makes a few good points in her writing but at the same time I think she has led a rather rough life either in her home as a child or in the work place. I understand completely the thoughts and ideas that she gives yet I disagree with almost every thing she says. Times have changed since 1977 and even though women were treated unfairly during those times, I feel this is a poor piece of writing for today's youth to read simply because women play many masculine roles and have had participated in activities that were created or intended for men.
             I am a nurse major and intend to become a nurse, so am I a feminine person because I am going to be a nurse or a "medic?" Women have had a rough history not only in our society but all over the world including Afghanistan, however we are not in the middle east and we do treat women with the much deserved respect that they have earned. The evidence that she gives about animal terms does make "a few" good points yet almost all these terms are used among both sexes. For example bitch has been used for many years in reference to male, female and even lifeless objects such as projects that we have become mad at due to frustration. I know it must sound as if I am a sexist pig "however I am not a police officer" but when I finished reading this piece I then gave it to my mother to read and she too completely disagreed to most of the ideas, and considered that even males are given a negative appearance in their old age. I feel that this piece of writing should be noticed and replaced by something that can relate more to today society where I see women as equal beings and know that many people feel the same as I do.

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