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Sexism In Our Society

             The topic that I chose for my essay was sexism in society.
             extensive research, I came upon many resources and learned many things in regards to .
             sexism that I had hardly any clue of before. In the following paragraphs, I will describe .
             how it has affected women throughout history, how it affects women at this day & age, .
             where it occurs, how it develops, and many related thoughts and facts. .
             The term sexism came to be due to the fact that the available term sex discrimination .
             didn't properly explain the all-encompassing prejudice in opposition to women in our .
             culture. Sexism has as a result come to mean behaviors, attitudes, and institutions based .
             on the supposition of male dominance and superiority. Though the term "sexism" dates .
             from the mid-1960s and came into common use after the rise of women's liberation .
             movements in 1968-1969, the practice of sexism has a long history.
             Several of the leading cultures in the world today were established on a patriarchal .
             system (rule by fathers). The religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and .
             Confucianism, which together cover much of Europe, the Americas, North Africa, the .
             Middle East, India, and China, have all produced patriarchal cultures.
             In the 20th century, activists in several parts of the world have accomplished a stable .
             development and improvement in women's legal rights. Change has occurred at slower .
             paces in Eastern cultures, where practices such as purdah (the confinement of women to .
             the home), female circumcision, the killing of female children, and the husband's .
             privileged right to divorce still exist. Legal reform in some states has sought to improve .
             women's position.
             Sexism towards women is essentially domination over women. The most common .
             method of keeping domination over women is by social interaction in the way that they .
             are constantly being reminded of their inferiority towards their male counterparts.

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