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A Much Needed "Fatty"

            In most novels, there is a need for an important character which the author is able to portray or influence his central theme through. If not for these characters the author would struggle to have a purpose for the novel and therefore have no point to send to the reader. For William Golding, he chose a character who is very intelligent and easily differentiated individual. Thus, making it easier to illustrate that without a civil society our true human nature would show, leading only to total destruction. Golding decided to strongly demonstrate his purpose through Piggy by utilizing his glasses, intellect, and sense of reality or civilization.
             One key element for the characters' survival on the island indirectly depended on Piggy's glasses for fire, which gave the boys heat, cooking, and a rescue signal. Furthermore, Piggy's glasses symbolically represent more than just a means of heat and food. They represent the voice of reason and logic on the island, which ultimately is lost when Roger kills him. This is all started when Jack says "His [Piggy's] specs- use them as burning glasses!" (p. 40) This fire gave the boys heat which was a very valuable asset for the cold nights. Especially for Jack and the hunters, the fire was absolutely essential for their mission on the island which was to hunt pig. Without a fire, a pig may be useless because on the deserted island there is no other method of cooking the meat of the pig. The fire also is used as a rescue signal for any passing ships. This is crucial to the novel because it not only gives Lord of the Flies an ending by having them rescued because of the fire but it also blatantly shows that the small loss of control or civility resulted in the death of a little "un in the beginning of the novel. Of course Piggy is the one to realize the loss of control of the fire and says "That little "un had a mark on his-face-where is-he now? I tell you I don't see him.

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