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Thoedore Rooselvelt

            He was president from 1901 to 1908; he was first president to use anti Sherman trust act against monopoly. Settled national coal miner on strike. Earned name trust buster because he broke up many monopolies.William Howard Taft President form 1908 to 1912 Broke up twice monopolies as previous president .
             16th amendment 1909 .
             17th amendment 1911.
             18th amendment 1919.
             8 hr work day federal workers.
             Woodrow WilsonPresident from 1912 to 1920 .
             Federal reserve act .
             Under wood tariff act .
             Clayton anti trust act .
             Federal trade commission .
             Smith lever act .
             Federal farm loan act .
             18th amendment proposed Jane AddamsMoved to one of the poorest slums in chicago in 1889 and set up one of Americas first settlement homes.
             (hull House).
             was a reformer realized women needed the vote to work for social change.
             1909 National Association for the advancement of colored peopleJacob Harris.
             Upton Siclair Wrote novel the JUNGLE which told enry one about the disgusting truth bout meat packing plant. After Roosevelt read this pure food and drug act was passed in 1906.Eugene Debs.
             Alice Paul Organized women picket line at white house. Form there they were arrested and they refused to eat. Prison officials had to force feed them through tubes, public was not happy.1919 congress finnaly passed an amendment giving women right to vote. .
             Carrie Chapman Catt.
             School principle and reporter. She later traveled around the world campaigning for suffrage.
             Even through he helped the United States out of the war, he help every citizen to be out of the war. He was the best president in the United State. Some say he was also well regionize for being a well-known president.

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