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Managing Diversity

            Managing Diversity in America is extremely important for companies to succeed. "Diversity refers to any mixture of items characterized by differences and similarities- (Roosevelt 5). It is important to understand the true meaning of diversity in order to implement it in the American work force. The understanding of both the differences and the similarities are important for companies to understand in order to deal with managing diversity properly.
             The growing diversity in the American workplace is increasing rapidly. .
             " Over the next decade, the majority of people entering the U.S. labor force will comprise women, people of color, and immigrants- (Fine, Introduction). Minorities are now making an important role in the American workforce, they are becoming a strong part of the workforce. It is important that to understand that with that with all this changes, solutions must be made.
             Many problems as well as losses have been cause for companies as well as workers, because of the little or poor understanding that many companies have when it comes to managing diversity. Companies such as "USX settled a class-action racial discrimination suit in 1992 for $42 million- , "Texaco settled a sex discrimination suit 1992 for $17.6 million- ( Hemphill 14). The cost and aggrevation that this cause to both employees and the company would have been prevented if proper diversity managing was taking place in these companies. The enourmous amounts of money as well as lawyers fees and court causes can be harmful to both parties. .
             The high costs of lawsuits can be huge dilemma for companies. "The average cost in 1992 of an individual's discrimination suit against a company was $75000; the cost of the average age discrimination suit was $750,000- (Hemphill 14). It is absurb how companies are wasting their money away, because of poor treatment of minority groups as well as their managing strategies towards diversity.

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