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            From an early age, most American girls aspire to get married and begin a family. Although that dream is easy to achieve, more than likely it will be shattered. Marriage is the legal and binding union between a man and woman. Yet when couples marry, they vow to stay by their partner's side "till death do us part." Currently that vow seems to have little or no value in today's society. "The current statistics for survival of marriage are quite grim. The divorce rate in the United States is somewhere between 50 percent and a startling 67%" (Gottman 2). I believe that a major contributor to the moral and social decay within American society is the breakup of the family unit. .
             Divorce can lead to negative consequences for the emotional and mental well being of an individual. Research evidence has shown that marital distress and conflict within a marriage causes a wide range of negative effects on the children of the feuding spouses (Gottman 4). "Such effects include depression, withdrawal, poor social competence, various health problems, and poor academic performance" (Gottman 4). American couples seem to conclude that nullifying the marriage through divorce would solve the problems between the couple more readily than seeking advice, counseling and treatment from a marriage counselor. .
             What they forget to consider is the children's welfare. No one can argue that the consequences of growing up in a violent and unloving family setting is far more harmful than a permanent separation of their parents. Even though, the parents become selfish in attempting to satisfy their own needs in the marriage. They lack to realize that most common marital differences are easily resolved. .
             My proposal to regulate and minimize the amount of divorces is to immediately benefit the children. The general assumption "that happy marriages produce happy children and unhappy marriages unhappy, neurotic children" is more than likely true (Bergler 156).

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