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The waterfalls

             Francis's life began as any other man of his time. He was a wealthy individual who was preoccupied with material comforts. This preoccupation also led him to fear the poor, especially lepers. St. Francis then entered into a conversion that led him to be an alter Christus. He gave up all his material possessions and embraced poverty and welcomed the poor and needy into his life with open arms. he ignored the ridicule he received from both his family and his peers and entered this new way of life and became dedicated to helping people in need. St. Francis's conversion began after he had been imprisoned for a year in a foreign country. He returns home and falls ill and is bedridden for another year. He then sets out for another war, but is called home by the beckoning of God. His conversion is gradual as he begins slowly working with the poor and the lepers. Francis eventually becomes estranged from his family and is brought before the Bishop of Assisi by his father. Here Francis publicly renounces his inheritance, strips his clothes, and begins his journey in search of God's Kingdom. Francis is ridiculed by his friends and his peers, but he endures the humiliation and continues his work with the poor. Now Francis begins to imitate Jesus and begins preaching, this leads to many men following Francis and creation the Franciscan Order. These men went throughout the cities and countryside helping the poor and rebuilding the church both physically and spiritually. For the rest of Francis's life he spread the word of God, and in his death he received the great honor of Sainthood. St. Francis not only touched the lives of people in his own time, but he also touched the next generation with his teachings he has left behind. The mere mention of St. Francis's name brings to mind poverty. This is a man who gave up all his worldly possessions and joined the beggars in the streets. St. Francis's reasoning for doing the was to become closer to God and his kingdom.

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