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Us History

             There are many different methods of warning people today of imminent danger then there was in 1776. The ability of warning people in 1776 were very slow and ineffective (which I mean ineffective as in warning very few numbers at a time). For example, Paul Revere had to ride to the colonists to warn them of danger. This now could be done by a simple telephone call. Also, the hanging of the lanterns in the tower of the Old North Church in Boston was a very sluggish way of doing things. Now days they could have also made a simple phone call. Just think if you had to warn someone just a mile away about a sudden danger it would take you less time to call or drive a car then it would to ride a horse or walk. The amount of time took so much longer that just about the time they had the others warned it was very close of being too late. The amount of time it took to warn someone was probably absurd. .
             Also, the quantity of people it warned in 1776 was a great deal less then we could warn now. If you think of the few people it warned in 1776, at the most, would have been around 150 people. Now you can alert a whole country because of the mass media we have. Just a simple new cast alerts millions of people, while in 1776 it took you ten times as long to warn someone and then you could only warn a small amount. Now you can warn someone in a mere few seconds and alert so much more people. .
             There would have also been many different outcomes without the know how of today. Think of some of the outcomes that could have happened if we did not have the technology of today. Take for example a fire. The persons in the house would not have the opportunity to tell anybody to save their house from being burnt. Since we have this technology it is possible that we may have the advantage of saving the house from being burnt. Now let's say if in 1776 they had the technology we do today, there would be so many things that would have happened differently.

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