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Did Jesus Ressurect

             Are the stories of Jesus" life death and ressurection true.
             documents and modern archialegy we know for a fact that Jesus the man actually existed,.
             but the question is did he really die. Further more if he died did he actually resurrect. .
             The answers to this is yes and their are many examples of why. Many think that he never.
             died on the cross so in turn he couldn't "ressurect". In the gospels it says that Jesus was.
             stabbed with a spear. This was actually almost protocal with the Roman soldiers to check.
             if the crucified were still alive so we know this happend and it's impossible to live from.
             such a wound as, with the angle the spear was thrust, would surly pierce the heart.
             Second, Jesus was burried inside a cave blocked by a huge bolder and gaurded. It would.
             take a lot to move it and to do so would make enough noise to wake the dead (no pun.
             intended) eventually the people trying to get to Jesus would have been caught. This.
             means that somthing divine must have happened and Jesus must have truly ressurected.
             Finnaly, with all the things the bible and history say about Jesus all the facts almost come.
             together. Jesus was definatly wise and smart enough to pull off the most elabrite death.
             scheme till 2-pac but why would he want to. He himself didn't want to die especially this.
             way. Jesus if anytihng was truly a man with a pure heart and he would have no use for.
             decieving his followers friends and family. Him faking his death in any way just doesn't.
             make sense. .

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