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i..org an indepth report

             The World Wide Web provides all types of information that are beneficial to people of all ages. For the most part people use it to gain fast and useful information. In order to get this information and make it easier for the people search engines where created. There are many different types of search engines, some are excellent and motivated to help the people who use them, while others just simply want to try and make money. The search engine that I was assigned was www.lii.org. I found this search engine to be very unique and use full.
             "The lii.org mission statement: The missions of Librarians" Index to the internet are to provide a well organized point of access for reliable, trustworthy, librarian selected Internet resources, serving California, the nation and the world.".
             The librarians Index to the Internet is a very user friendly search engine and prides itself on helping out the user as best as it can. It is an annotated subject directory consisting of more than 11,000 Internet resources with 40 major categories which are then broken down into subcategories. "The subject authority files is based on the Library of Congess subject headings but are modified to reflect common usage. Seventy Five percent of the listings are specific resources, fifteen percent are directories and ten percent are databases."(wwww.imls.gov/closer/archive/hlt_l1000.htm). .
             HISTORY OF THE TOOL.
             Back in 1990, a reference librarian by the name of Carole Leita started to pay attention to the internet and how it worked. She noticed that the internet provided a large amount of useful information but with one problem. The problem was that their was too much junk that needed to be filtered out so that it would make it easier to find what you where looking for. At first she started indexing and adding useful information to her gopher bookmark file. After that she started organizing all of the entries by topic. Soon after she decided to make her bookmarked files available on the internet for other librarians use.

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