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a man for all seasons

             In the play, 'A man for all Seasons', Rich shows us the thought that 'all men have their price'. The play looks at how every character except More, is able to negotiate their principles in exchange for something that benefits them. This shows us that at the end of the day we all, other than a few, will only be looking out for our own self-interest. Money is probably the most common thing that would be offered to someone to compromise his or her principles for example. Money is a benefit and most people, being human, will accept it, as it would be in their self-interest to do so. The play gives us a range of characters that have different prices, most of which are met, and shows the benefits gained.
             The Common Man represents us. He is as relevant in the times of the play as he is now. He is typical of us and just wants enough money to get by with, without getting into dangerous situations. He also shows how we will manipulate a situation to suit our own needs and wants.
             The Common Man shows self-interest on a small scale. Take for example when More is using the Common Man's boat and the issue of payment comes up. He asks More to 'make it worth his while". This shows us how most would act in the same situation. It shows that all people have a price even if it is on a small scale. The Boatman also goes as far to hint about his 'young wife'. By mentioning her, he hopes that he will be tipped more money. He only wants enough money to get by with. This is relevant to us as we would bend or stretch the truth and his principles in order to benefit ourselves.
             The Common Man will only go as far as he knows it safe to go. He won't get himself into any dangerous situations, as he wants to protect himself. After both Chapuys and Rich try to find out information on More, the Common Man declares that he will go 'deaf blind and dumb' as soon as he 'can't touch the bottom'. That sums up the way we think. Like us, he will try and benefit himself as much as he can without actually putting himself at risk.

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