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Ads Critique

            Advertisements are among the most creative and powerful forms of arguments today. Ads are designed to take your time and money. The first and most important function of an ad is to grab the reader's attention, and urges the reader to buy the represented products. The second function of an ad is to promote the name of the store while it visually creates an image for the store. One best ways to recognize a good ad is to read an ad critique, which analyze the ad strategy with reference to the message it's conveying. The communication objectives for this particular TRIBHOVANDAS BHIMJI ZAVERI (TBZ) jewelry shop are: 1) show the need for the product 2) Target audience 3) build awareness of the shop.
             The primary communication objective for this particular jewelry shop is to show that nothing can match their gold and diamond and that without their product, you will be hardly noticeable to others. The ad introduced a fair woman with the bluest eye, distinctive lips, and with an attractive skin tone, probably what guys would call a refined lady, but yet she is still not eye-catching. The clever words that the ad used were, "Wine couldn't be as red, nor cherries as luscious as her lips. Pity she is going to be ignored." .
             These words target females who are concerned with beauty and prominence. These women want to unveil their beauty and their classy taste to others either at a party or a family get-together. These words made these women feel that unless you have their jewels, you are not considered as pretty or classy. These words show the need for the product.
             To meet its third communication objectives, TBZ employs a message strategy that heightens awareness, builds curiosity, and enhances the target audience's attitude toward to product. Awareness is established by the simple existence of the ad. With regard to inspiring curiosity, as mentioned, no details are provided with regard to the price or variety of jewelry.

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