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Critical Analysis on Culture

            I believe that one thing in culture that needs to be critiqued is the use of social media in society. Social media is beginning to take young teens out of the norms of everyday life. Kids on social media are bullied and criticized. Teens are stuck staring at their phones constantly. It gets in the way of people or kids doing homework, or doing work at all. Social media is not all bad, a lot of people use it for their jobs and to further their careers. Nothing is wrong with using social media at all, it is when kids get so glued into this cyberspace that it becomes a problem. Kids aren't the only ones who can get lost in this labyrinth of social media. I call it a labyrinth because every time you click on something new it is like making a turn. The more turns one makes the deeper in the maze they get until they are basically just lost in the internet. This is becoming a huge problem in society and people are suffering.
             Bullying is something that is becoming a huge problem in society. Kids are starting to attempt suicide because of what their peers say about them. It has gotten to the point that high schools have assemblies about bullying. Why should anyone need to have an assembly about bullying when people clearly know it's wrong? All of these assembly are always in the area of cyber bullying. The internet and social media makes bullying accessible from anywhere. It's not just in the schools that this is happening anymore. Bullying is happening everywhere because people have access to the internet wherever they go. So for the victims of bullying there is no getting away from it especially if they themselves are addicted to some kind of social media, at any point in the day one can get a notification from someone somewhere bullying them and because a lot of people have smartphones its constantly on them and they constantly see them. It's hard for people to escape this type of harassment. Teens are reverting to suicide as an answer to this harassment and this is all because they can't get away from it so they think this is the only answer.

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