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Social Conflict

             Social struggle tends to be the driving force of our economic needs. Every day we are controlled by the wants and desires of our mind. The mind is brainwashed by society. Society tells us what is cool and what we should think. Democracy in its truest form guarantees every American the right to freedom. Those freedoms guarantee that every American has the ability to become what ever they want to be as long as they work for it. Society and propaganda have brainwashed our society to act and think certain ways every day. The struggle between society's classes is divided into the rich and the poor. Everyday the poor people wake up and are frustrated at the rich people. The poor people are brainwashed to think that they will always be at the bottom of the social class. Freud believes that the mind is developed to think this way. He believes that the sciences should look at a way to undo the psychological tensions that people have in their heads. He would believe that our past history has rendered us incapable of achieving inner harmony. The theory that the sciences need to solve the conflict that is not in our actions alone, but in our head will bring forth a future of peace.
             The future must bring forth the end of rich people verses poor people. Marx has scientifically proven that class struggle tends to be the conflict. Marx has looked back through time and showed us that the struggle between classes has always been there, but we as a society have progressed towards being more equal. Marx tells us in his book, "The Communist Manifesto," that for our future to grow we need to reform the classes in such a way that everyone is equal. This equality will bring peace and happiness to society. I have a problem believing that destroying the class system will make us a better society. I intend to prove through my thoughts that Marx's theory of social development will not make sense in a democratic society.

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