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everyman(anilitical essay)

             The representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form. A symbolic representation: The blindfolded figure with scales is an allegory of justice.
             Everyman meets the criteria through the use of character names. For instance "Everyman" represents each and every man and Good Deeds represents the good things Everyman has done in his life, etc. Because of the use of the Character titles/names the reader is able to see right away what the characters motive is and the reason they respond to Everyman the way they do.
             2. The characters are dynamic and their actions are believable, that is if you would believe in these characters in the first place. Because I do believe in God, Death, Good Deeds, Knowlege, Beauty, Heaven & Hell, it was easy to understand how this story could have happened.The names stand for the personality of the characters and therefore convey what the character is set out to do.
             3. Almost every object is symbolic of something or someone in Everymans life as he goes through his journey. Every character is the physical embodiment of some worldly attribute. .
             4.The symbols show the ways in which a person who does have talents (Good Deeds) wastes them and when he expects them to help him out they are of little help.He is deserted by things that he thought were of great importance portrayed by characters that take the names of the things they represent.
             5.I think there are two themes. a. educates us on the reasons why death comes to all people.the play is a lesson in correct or righteous behavior, thought, belief, and action for the common man of the day. b.demonstrates how temporary everything in life is as death approaches, except good deeds. .
             6.the author conveys the theme indirectly, because it was not obvious in any one passage, but we had to read the entire story, or journey to get the inference of the overall theme.

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