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            Throughout life a violent reaction can play a great role in our lives. In our world as well as in literature one single scene can compare with the overall meaning of that specific time of life. We need to take time out and look more into these small actions which may occur; they seem to have more meaning than we expect. In the play, "Medea" by Euripides, Medea, the main character plots her plan of revenge against the people she loves. This violent act in the end shows the love for her children as she looks out for them trying to give them the best life possible. Of course she also wanted to make her husband Jason miserable. .
             Ever since Medea found out her husband was remarrying to Creon's daughter, she needed get revenge on him. She pleaded with him and gave him the chance to change his mind yet he was set on leaving his family and divorcing her. Medea felt this was absurd and in order to spare her children that pain she was going to go through with the murder of five people. .
             Medea knew this would put Jason into a world of misery and it felt great inside to be able to watch him shiver in pain. He lost his soon to be wife, father in law and his two sons. Nothing could be worse in his life as he watched his son's bodies go away with no proper burial or anything. This one scene of violence brought this all into perspective though. It was obvious Medea wanted to make Jason's life miserable the same way she had turned her life upside down. After all she had no choice, she couldn't let a man do that to her.
             Revenge on Jason was not her only reason for committing these acts of violence though. She also felt those motherly instincts and in a twisted way felt it would be better for her children. They didn't need to go through the pain and suffering of their father leaving them and marrying another woman. Also Jason was trying to exile the three of them so the children would be thrown out with their mother.

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