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twisted love triangle

             Within the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Catherine Earnshaw is a very complex young woman. She is confused and going through an emotional struggle in her inability to choose which man she truly loves. She actually loves Heathcliff with all her heart and soul but because of the social system their relationship would be degrading to her current status. She marries Edgar out of principle and social development on her part. She marries him because he voiced his love instead of bottling them up as Heathcliff had done in hopes that Cathy would just know. Also Edgar was there at the present time providing her with attention and love of his own. Se is still divided between her loves for Edgar, her differing desire for Heathcliff, and how she loves them both.
             Cathy does love Edgar Linton but it's a funny type of love. Her love for him is based on his wealth and looks instead of mutual love for each other. She tells Nelly, " . . . he is handsome and pleasant to be with . . . he is young and cheerful." (80). She also says, " he will be rich, and I shall like to be the great woman of the neighborhood, and I shall be proud of having such a husband." (80). We see from her reasons for marriage that her heart was not in the decision but her mind was. She loves him because he is something new and better than what she had to endure growing up at Wuthering Heights. Catherine's love for Edgar is almost like a situation where you want everything you never had and when you grow to love someone out from being around them for long periods of time. She likes the compliments and attention he gives her. She loves him out of familiarity and comfort.
             Catherine's love for Heathcliff is one that is true to the meaning of the word love. She couldn't live without him even with his animalistic ways. She says to Nelly, " "Who is to separate us, pray? They"ll meet the fate of Milo! Not as long as I live, Ellen, for no mortal creature.

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