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             I think people fear Earthquakes, tornados, Hurricanes more than landslides is because you don't really hear about them much on TV. TV always broad casts news of these disasters. That is also is how us as Americans get our info so we tend to see the same and be scared of the same things. I think for the most part the people that are scared of landslides are people that live in landslide areas or have actually encountered one.
             2. If I were going to build a cliff I would look for a couple different things. First I would look to see if there was a body of water near by because this could cause the land to get very wet and possibly cause a landslide or something of that nature. Second I would have to make sure the land underneath the land I was building was stable or not missing due to undercutting which might cause the land to fall off the cliff. Third I would look at the land to see which way the lines of weakness pointed that would tell me if it was safe to build or not.
             3. The Earth is not flat from erosion because the surface of the earth is made up of many different kinds of rocks, which erode at different rates. Another reason is the surface of the Earth is always changing. I would also say it has to do with were on the planet the land is and climate.
             4. You can see that a land mass is creeping by measuring markers over months or years. Other indicators of creep are tilted gravestones, fences, or even telephone poles.

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