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Islam Women

            Islam: Women, Religion, & Politics in West Africa.
             "Socialization and the Subordination of Women-.
             • Islam differs from other religions in the emphasis it places on the proper behavior of women and the protections it provides for them.
             THE QURAN SAYS .
             • Marriage and childbearing are religious duties; women are meant to be wives and mothers.
              This leads to a hierarchal and patriarchal family structure.
             • Has "jealous husband- mentality: women cannot appear attractive outside the home, cannot have friends outside the family circle, must constantly be under the supervision of the husband and obey him at all times.
             • Daughters inherit one-half the share of a son, and a wife inherits one-eighth of her husband's estate.
             • Although the laws of inheritance are unequal, women have rights and advantages they did not have in pre-Islam society. Islam admonishes men to be responsible and obligates them to support their wives and children.
             • NIGERIA "women do not work in the fields, trade in the markets, or go out into the streets during daytime hours. At night, they go out only to visit homes sanctioned by their husbands and must always be accompanied.
             • SENEGAL "women work in the fields, appear freely in the markets, and move openly about in public places.
             • Nigeria "Hausa people.
             Women are not secluded, work in the fields, have a significantly higher literacy rate than Muslim women, and are not disadvantaged in law.
             • Senegal "Wolof people.
             Women were a part of an integrated matrilineal and patrilineal society. Women were believed to transfer traits of character and intelligence along to their children; in the nobility, women passed on the family status along with ownership of certain land and slaves. Some women even held political posts of importance.

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