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             Entry #1 * Oedipus is notable for his compassion, his sense of justice, his swiftness of thought and action, and his candor. At this early stage in the play, Oedipus represents all that an Athenian audience "or indeed any audience "could desire in a citizen or a leader. In his first speech, which he delivers to an old priest whose suffering he seeks to alleviate, he continually voices his concern for the health and well being of his people. Oedipus did have a good heart and the qualities of a leader. At the beginning he seemed like a very strong and stable character, but not for too long. .
             Entry #2 *The people were pretty big believers in their Gods: Many gods, such as Zeus and Ares, were offered prayers for many different reasons. When the people have problems, they turn to the gods for advice. on. They prayed and sang to Apollo: The Sun god and Healer god. The people of Thebes ask Apollo for advice when they want to save Thebes. Since Apollo saved Thebes once before, the people believe he can do it again. It is Apollo's shrine that Iokaste goes to when she prays for the gods to help Oedipus cure Thebes.
             Entry #3 *It's actually awkward to see how fate is a very big symbol in this story. As if it was fate or destiny that has control over our lives when in reality it doesn't. For example when the oracle had told Oedipus mother and wife that her son was going to kill his father and marry her. They believed that. How could a pair of parents let go of their children because of something some oracle said? What happened to their beliefs? Were they not such big believers in their gods that they should've prayed instead? I would've prayed and hoped it wouldn't happen because if fate was right it was going to happen no matter what .
             Entry #4 *As for Oedipus I don't feel sorry for him because he wanted to find the killer of Laios and punish the person, but does he not look at himself? Does he not judge himself? Who is he to exile the person he was looking for when in reality it was he.

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