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Capital Punishment

             Constitution should not be amended to abolish capital punishment. I think the right to utilize capital punishment should be based on the situation. By implementing capital punishment, life and justice will be served as according to the fundamental beliefs of the Core Democratic values. Supporting knowledge from history such as the statistics on executions in the U.S. provide us with enough information to support capital punishment. .
             The right to utilize capital punishment, I believe, should be based on the situation. For instance, if a person is found guilty of a crime for a nonsensical reason, they should serve the consequence. If this crime is considered to be murder, then they should receive the death penalty based on the extremes of they murder. If the actions taken were to protect their own life and was proven to the fullest extent, then the consequences should not be as serious. .
             By implementing capital punishment to those who deserve it proven guilty, I believe this would serve the two Core Democratic Values of life and justice. The right to live life is one of the Core Democratic Values, as soon as you threaten the life of another individual and violate this belief; I believe your right to life should be reconsidered as well. It is not right to harm one's life, especially those innocent. As for justice, I believe if you commit any crime unlawful you should be punished. Serving justice is only fair to the people who do comply with the laws written out for us.
             Selected statistics on executions in the U.S. from 1976 to 1998 show us that 486 lives have been executed and 74 inmates on death row have been freed for wrongful conviction. Though 74 does not account for even one-fourth of the total accused, it is enough I believe to take every opportunity to prove a prisoner's innocence until you can no longer doubt his guilt. The justification of proving a prisoner innocent is the most important issue that should be focused on before assigning the death penalty.

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