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Middle East Peace

            Abdul Aziz Said feels that the Persian Gulf War has overshadowed the need to make a new Arab-American relationship. He says the U.S. has a view of which the Middle East threatens the stability of the Western economy. He says this is a valid view, but it denies historically based problems that have hurt the Arab world, as well as misses an opportunity to give all a better future. He states a clear answer to the problem; the Middle East needs to be rebuilt. He says we should reduce the military danger and introduce a new economic model to them. Also, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict would have to be resolved. He feels that democracy is sweeping through Europe and Asia. He says that a lot of Middle Eastern countries are being pressured to join in. Said states that the peace conflicts could be resolved by the United Nations working with Middle Eastern countries. Said also says that the economic problem could be helped by establishing an intra-Arab bank as well as connecting them to the World Bank.
             Middle East Peace Is Unlikely.
             James E. Akins.
             Akins writes in this article how the only way for peace is to completely transform the Middle East region. However, he states that it would only benefit the rich of the Middle East, which is a small amount. Akins feels that all people say about improving the Middle East is only a fantasy, and requires too much work and tolerance of one another. Akins also says that the people of the Middle East feel betrayed by their countries due to all the wars going on throughout the decades past. Over ninety percent of the people in this region are poor and live and poverty and Akins feels this is just too much too overcome and too far off from occurring. He feels that there is far too much tension between the Jews and Arabs and all the countries to resolve or to settle all the conflicts. Akins feels that the Arabs can"t and never have resolved peaceful conflicts in the past, and not many countries would want to help.

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