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Middle East

            Imagine living in a nation were the government wasn't on your side. Everything that the government did was in there best interest without any consideration of the people. Imagine that your government was in a conflict with another government and this government had the power to say if you were getting food eat and water to drink. Imagine that in this so called nation the kids instead or going to school would rather throw rocks at members of the other nation instead of going to school. Imagine that one day that that kid that was throwing rocks might one day strap a bomb to himself and go and try to blow people up because he thinks it is the right thing to do. This is actually happing in the middle east. These so called nations are Israel and the Palestine state that is not yet a nation. In the middle east this is everyday life and all they know is that there government doesn't care for them so they continue to fight for a cause that will never be settled because their government doesn't want to come to an agreement. The United States is for peace and freedom for all people but they aren't doing enough to help out the middle east. The United States must take action to settle the conflict in the middle east to preserve life for the people and save the holy land.
             Before you can solve the problem in the middle east you have to understand how they became what they are today. It all started at the end of World War I and the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The southern portion of their empire was left to the British which they called "Palestine." The Jews stated to again migrate to the area and rid it of swamps and malaria, "they did not rid the land of the few Arabs that were there though(United)." For this reason many Arabs also migrated in to this area for a better quality of life. ""In 1923 Winston Churchill claimed he created, "in an afternoon," Trans-Jordan which separated Palestine into two parts(Kifner).

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