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Frontline:"Real Justice":

            "Real Justice" was filmed in Boston, Massachusetts. "Real justice" took place in District Courts and Superior courts. As the documentary begins, a man suspected of murder could be set free because of a computer error. After a awhile Viktor Theiss, supervising assistant district attorney, is introduced. Theiss solves the problem and the man suspected of murder stays in jail. .
             The first case of this documentary takes place in the Roxbury District Court. Theiss is the prosecutor in the case against Juan Lugo. Jon Taylor is the defense attorney. But before Viktor could begin the trial he had 15 other cases he had to deal with. Juan Lugo was arrested for giving something suspicious to someone in a car. After all the evidence was presented the jury decided that Juan Lugo was innocent. The reason he was found not guilty was because of circumstantial evidence. The police did not have enough evidence against Juan Lugo. All the police said was they thought they had seen money and they weren't sure and they said they weren't sure if it was drugs either. One juror said that they were sure that Juan Lugo was drug dealing that night but that there was not enough facts presented to convict him. .
             The next case was between Steven (defendant) and Dean Landry (plaintiff). Dean Landry was accused of car theft. Theiss is the prosecutor against Dean Landry. The outcome of this case was that Landry took a suspended sentence. Landry must pay $600 in 6 months, if he does not he will go to jail for 2 years. .
             In the next case, we meet Lisa Medeiros, a court-appointed defense attorney. She is defending Tasha Davis who is charged with assault and battery and malicious destruction. The victim was 19-year-old Melissa Moran who is being represented by Kate Fanger (assistant D.A.). Melissa alleges that Tasha spit and threw a beer bottle at her. After all the testimony was presented, the jury came back with a not guilty verdict for Tasha Davis.

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