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lord of the rings

             In my opinion, chapter one is a lot like other novels. In such ways in that it introduces the characters, the setting and mood.
             Introduced characters.
             Laurie Saunders.
             Always smiling, Laurie is pretty and intelligent. She is sensitive and caring and her boyfriend, David is the running back on the school football team. She is also the editor of the school newsletter.
             Amy Smith.
             Amy is a small girl with black curls of hair. She is Laurie's best friend and they constantly compete for grades, popularity and boys. She also enjoys a laugh.
             David Collins.
             David Collins is the running back on the school football team, who hasn't won a game for two years. He is Laurie's boyfriend and loves eating.
             Robert Billings.
             Robert is a troubled boy. He is frequently tormented at school as he is scruffy and a typical class loser. His older brother Brad was well though of at Gordon High as an all rounder. Robert never participates in class.
             Mr Ross.
             Ben is very smart and enthusiastic for a young schoolteacher at Gordon High. He teaches history in a fun and interesting way, helping the students grasp the topics more easily. The other teachers at the school thought he was nave and over-enthusiastic. .
             Christy Ross.
             Christy is Ben's wife. She participated in a choir and as an instrumental teacher at Gordon High for two years.
             Mr. Gabondi.
             Mr. Gabondi is a short, heavy, dark man that continuously sweated in his boring French lessons.
             One of the many classmates that enjoyed making fun of Robert Billings.
             Brian Ammon.
             Also a classmate for Laurie, he is the quarter back of the football team. For some odd reason, he enjoyed getting low grades.
             Introduced setting.
             The setting that is introduced is the Gordon high school classrooms, in particular, Mr. Ross's History Class.
             Introduced Mood.
             The mood that is introduced is the tension between Laurie and her boyfriend David - sensitive vs. clinical, conformity vs. individualism.
             I think the first chapter is quite short and to the point.

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