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Lucy's Life

             Over the years, my childhood friend, Lucy, has changed dramatically. In Lucy's early life, she was nave to the world around her. She had a carefree, innocent soul that was ready to take on the world, but the tortures of growing up eventually caught up with her. This is the story of Lucy's downward spiral.
             My family moved to the Lucy's neighborhood when I was eight years old. She immediately welcomed me with a friendly smile and a hug with her cute chubby arms. We became inseparable. I admired Lucy. She was tons of fun, outgoing, and really smart and eager to learn in school. The following 3 years were filled with wonderful memories. Lucy and I would build "forts- in the woods, play kickball, build snowmen and countless other activities that all children have been known to do. I remember we also loved to frequent our local ice cream shop, "Cone Zone-. .
             We would get 3 scoop sundaes with hot fudge and other goodies on top. This establishment, "Cone Zone-, was the place where Lucy's life changed forever. I didn't know it at the time, but Lucy surly did.
             We were both eleven years old and were sitting at our favorite booth, facing the fish tank, eating our sundaes. Some older kids, probably in high school, sat in the booth behind us and made a comment just loud enough so we could hear. They said, in reference to Lucy, "She doesn't need to be eating that!- I remember the pain in Lucy's eyes. For the first time in her beautiful life she felt ugly. I reassured her that I thought she was gorgeous and to ignore what had been said. After the other kids left, Lucy was fine. Or so I thought. .
             I started to notice Lucy change about 6 months after that day at the "Cone Zone-. She started making up excuses why she didn't want to come over for lunch or go to the "Five and Dime-. Lucy didn't want to play anymore, she just wanted to go jogging. She tried to convince me to go with her, but I was only eleven years old, jogging didn't seem like to much fun to me.

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