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midsummer night's dream

            William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream takes place during, quite obviously,.
             As the scenes change from the royal court of Theseus to.
             the magical wood of Oberon, the four lovers: Hermia, Lysander, Helena, and Demetrius;.
             the mechanicals: Bottom, Snout, Flute, Snug, Starveling, and Quince; and Titania,.
             queen of the fairies, change as well. The changes that occur in these characters".
             behaviors must happen in order to achieve both the comedic effect Shakespeare.
             intends and the happy ending the audience desires. The lovers and mechanicals.
             change in the wood because they enter the world of the fairies during midsummer.
             madness, and Titania transforms in the wood because she enters the world of the.
             mortals when she falls in love with Bottom.
             The four lovers undergo transformation first, when they reach the wood of.
             Oberon and Titania. In the beginning, both Lysander and Demetrius love fair Hermia. .
             However, Hermia loves Lysander and Helena loves Demetrius, who does not love her in.
             return. After Puck places a love spell on Lysander and Demetrius, they both fall in love.
             with Helena. Helena feels the men are mocking her in her love for Demetrius. A.
             confused Hermia begins to resent Helena, and Helena believes Hermia is also making.
             fun of her. Things become extremely confusing and one expects uproarious laughter.
             from the audience. When Oberon discovers Puck's mistake, he reverses the spell, only.
             this time, he shifts Demetrius's original love for Hermia to love and devotion for Helena. .
             With the changes that transpire in the wood, as the result of Puck and Oberon's.
             mischief, the play ends happily for the four lovers. Since Demetrius now loves Helena,.
             Theseus overrules her father, Egeus, and allows her to marry Lysander, instead of.
             forcing her to join a convent or die for her true love.
             While the men change their feeling for the women, the women remain constant .
             in their love for their men, yet they change their feeling toward each other.

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